よく続いているmeeting.。病気の時だけ中断したが、退院後真っ先に再開したのがこのミーティング。大切なつながり、Ann の見えないpowerを感じる。今回はEmily、Adri、Simon(&Eric)も参加して豪華になった。Emilyの成長も素晴らしい。MarieもAdriと文通したいといい、いいことばかりだ。

Skype meetings with John in 2020

Autumn in Small Town America 🍂 (Best Fall Foliage)

The crimson red streets, gloomy weather.


photo by Hitoshi

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wellbeing, QOLなど外国人のための介護福祉専門用語集>英語版

東京都の英語版介護保険パンフレットなどを参考 介護保険制度パンフレット 東京都福祉保健局

(老人向け)デイサービス day care, eldery day care、adult day care
ヘルパーさんhome care worker, care giver
介護施設nursing home
ケアマネージャー       care manager
介護保険           the long-term insurance
要介護1~5 care level 1 to 5
要支援1~2 support level 1 or 2
訪問介護サービスhome care service
共同生活介護daily-group care
要支援認定support need certification
地域包括支援センターCommunity Comprehensive Support Center
訪問入浴介護home-visit bathing service
訪問看護home-visit nursing
介護保険料  long-term care insurance premiums


● If you wish to utilize services provided by long-term care insurance, you should first apply for a care need certification or a support need certification at your municipal office. If you get the certification, you can use the service according to the long-term care plan the care manager draws up for you after consultation.
● At municipalities that have already launched programs to prevent long-term care need as well as comprehensive daily living support programs, you are advised to note the checklist at the consultation desk. If you meet the criteria, you are free to utilize visiting long-term care services and day services provided by these programs. 

ベッドの脇に座ってもらえますか?Can you sit up on the edge of the bed?
前屈みになって下さい。Please lean forward?
前に出てきて下さい。Please come forward?
真っすぐ立って下さい。Please stand up tall.
背筋を伸ばして下さい。Please straighten up your back.
後ろに下がって下さい。Please go backward./ Please back up.
一歩、後ろに下がって下さい。Please take a step back.
右向きに回って下さい。Please turn to the right.
Please sit down on the chair.
Please reach back to the armrest of the wheelchair.
椅子に座って下さい。Please have/ take a seat on the chair.
(椅子の上で)後ろに少し下がって下さい。Please sit back. Please scooch back.(カジュアル)
深く座って下さい。Please sit back.
杖を使って下さい。Please use a cane.
松葉杖がここにあります。Here is your crutch.
2輪の歩行器と4輪の歩行器、どちらを普段使っていますか。Which do you usually use a two wheel walker or a four wheel walker?
足を車椅子のフットレストに載たままにして下さい。Please keep your foot on the footrest of the wheelchair.
車椅子のブレーキをかけて下さい。Please put on the brakes of the wheelchair.
滑り止めがついた靴を履いて下さい。Please wear non-skid/ non-slip shoes.
私が車椅子を押します。I will wheel your wheelchair.



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Ian Bostridgeさんのインスタで見たHeather!

Heather (Calluna vulgaris) Scotch Heather/Ling Heather, is an evergreen branching shrub. Heather flowers bloom in late summer. Wild species of Heather flowers are usually in purple or mauve shades. The flower’s various cultivars come in colors ranging from white, through pink, a wide range of purples and reds.




英国国営放送BBCの地方ニュースで、ノースヨークシャー(North Yorkshire)の荒野ムーアでヘザーが花盛りというニュースを見ました。今回は、イギリスの夏の大地を赤紫に彩(いろど)るへザーのお話……。




ところで、このヘザー、ヒース(Heath)と呼ばれることもあります。ヒースと聞くと、イギリス文学に造詣の深い方は、エミリー・ブロンテ作の「嵐が丘」の主人公ヒースクリフ(Heathcliff)を思いうかべられるかもしれません。こちらは、エミリー・ブロンテ一家の暮らしたウエストヨークシャー(West Yorkshire)のハワース(Haworth)の村はずれで撮影したヒースです。



さて、今回、友人がヘザーを見に連れて行ってくれたのは、ブロンテ一家が暮らしたハワースの北東に位置するノースヨークシャー(North Yorkshire)のパンパーデールムーア(Pamperdale Moor)という場所。





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‘This is it, folks’ – Boris Johnson ‘hands over baton in unexpected relay race’

変な人だったけど(だから!)結構好きだったBoris Johnsonがあっけなく(潔く!?orもう飽きちゃったから?)10th of Downing Streetから去っていった。問題・課題を山のように積み上げたまま。

Placeholder image for youtube video: -ym_x2cXVB8
Boris Johnson’s final farewell speech in full as he leaves Downing Street

6 SEPTEMBER 2022 • 8:24AM

Boris Johnson has left Downing Street for the final time as Prime Minister as he told the nation “the baton will be handed over” to Liz Truss after the Tory leadership “unexpectedly turned out to be a relay race”. 

Speaking in Downing Street, Mr Johnson bemoaned the manner in which he has been forced out of No 10 as he accused Tory MPs who ousted him of having “changed the rules halfway through”. 

He said: “This is it folks. Thank you everybody for coming out so early this morning. In only a couple of hours I will be in Balmoral to see Her Majesty the Queen and the torch will finally be passed to a new Conservative leader, the baton will be handed over in what has unexpectedly turned out to be a relay race, they changed the rules half way through but never mind that now.”

Mr Johnson pledged his “fervent support” for Ms Truss’s new government and urged the Conservative Party to unite behind her. 

He said that if his dog, Dilyn, and Larry, the No 10 cat, can “put behind them their occasional difficulties then so can the Conservative Party”. 


Queen Elizabeth dies: Boris Johnson makes Parliament laugh with speech remembering Her Majesty

2022/09/09 Queen Elizabeth dies: Boris Johnson makes Parliament laugh remembering Her Majesty | Boris Johnson joined parliament to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
King Charles maintains a clear sense of duty and service even as he mourns the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth, British Prime Minister Liz Truss said on Friday, having spoken to the nation’s new monarch on Thursday evening.


Liz Truss and Hugh O’Leary, her husband, after the announcement of her victory in the Tory leadership race CREDIT: Stefan Rousseau/Shutterstock


Liz Truss, an unpopular leader for a troubled Britain

Analysis by Ishaan Tharoor  

September 6, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. EDT

On Tuesday, Liz Truss heads to a Scottish castle to call on Queen Elizabeth II and “kiss” the royal hand. The current British foreign secretary will thus become her country’s next prime minister. With Truss’s appointment, the queen will have presided over this traditional rite 15 times in her many decades as sovereign. It’s possible, no matter reports of her ailing health, that she may do it all over again soon.

Truss comes to power not via general election but after winning the majority of votes in a Conservative Party leadership election decided by fewer than 200,000 dues-paying Tory activists. Her main rival, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, was more popular among sitting Conservative lawmakers in Parliament. Broader public opinion polls show the opposition Labour Party with its strongest lead in a decade. A majority of Britons, meanwhile, believe Truss will make a “poor” or “terrible” prime minister, and only a quarter consider her an improvement from Boris Johnson, her controversial and polarizing predecessor.

Truss will struggle to muster Johnson’s irrepressible — or delusional, critics would contend — optimism. Darkened skies already hang low over her nascent premiership. “In addition to the war in Ukraine and the fallout of Brexit, the new prime minister will inherit a vast range of economic and political problems,” my colleagues explained. “The Bank of England predicts Britain will suffer through protracted recession, beginning as early as October. Inflation already stands at 10 percent, with economists warning that 15 percent is possible.”

There’s an impending cascade of woes: A mammoth cost-of-living crisis is driving a historic drop in living standards. According to some estimates, two-thirds of British households may face “fuel poverty” by the end of the year, struggling to pay for the surging costs of heating their homes. Across various sectors of the economy, industrial action is picking up, with strikes shutting down train services, garbage collection and the operation of ports.

The country that Truss will now lead is unquestionably diminished. Most analyses of the impact of Brexit find that Britain’s departure from the European Union has dented its economy, added to its supply chain headaches and hurt its trading prospects. An analysis published last month by Saxo Bank warned investors that Britain is “more and more looking like an emerging market country” and won’t have the ability to manage “an easy escape” from a deep recession.

Truss campaigned for her party’s leadership on a platform pandering to the Tory’s hard core. She sees a path out of Britain’s problems by slashing taxes and boosting fracking and nuclear energy. “We will break with the same old tax and spend approach by focusing on growth and investment,” she wrote for the Telegraph. While likely welcomed by many Tories who internally elected her, such rhetoric is less convincing to the general public that has seen the Conservatives in power for 12 years.

“Truss’s Britain will be governed by policies lifted from cliched Daily Mail headlines,” wrote leftist commentator Owen Jones in the Guardian. “All the bêtes noires of saloon-bar reactionaries from the past 20 years will be slaughtered, and the resulting anguish from those effete metropolitan lefties obsessed with mere trivialities such as avoiding mass impoverishment and the destruction of the planet will give the Tory faithful their kicks.”

“Economists … have been skeptical about her confidence that all it will take is a few tax cuts to put a tiger back in the national tank,” noted Sam Leith in the right-leaning Spectator that wondered whether she would be a “Tory Jeremy Corbyn,” a nod to the former left-wing Labour leader whose radical politics swept him to the top role in his party but ultimately hurt Labour on the national stage.

あれ?いくら冴えないおばさんでも、就任わずか44日で辞任するとは思わなかった!この記事のタイトルが「Welcomeback Boris」になったりして?

Liz Truss: The human hand grenade who tragically blew herself up

She spent a lifetime defying the doubters. But the very personality that had powered her ascent ultimately led to her downfall

ByHarry de Quetteville   20 October 2022 • 6:40pm

 Liz Truss on Thursday became Britain’s shortest serving prime minister, lasting just 44 days in office CREDIT: TOBY MELVILLE

And like that she was gone. A politician known above all as a survivor, a bundle of contradictions elastic enough to survive and thrive under three very different prime ministers, came dramatically unstuck when the top job was finally hers.




BBC announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II
2022/09/09 The news anchor Huw Edwards said Buckingham Palace had released a statement confirming that the Queen had died peacefully at Balmoral Castle on Thursday afternoon.

2022/09/10 King Charles III has made his first address to the UK as sovereign, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

In a televised address, the King paid tribute to his “darling mama” saying “may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”, and renewed his mother’s lifelong promise of service.


With maturity, grace and just the right type of mourning ensemble, seven-year-old Charlotte is proving she’s every inch a royal princess The Telegraph



9/25 宮内庁長官「両陛下のご訪問本当に良かった」

西村宮内庁長官は両陛下帰国後の9月22日の記者会見で次のように述べました。 「両陛下が代表する国民の弔意は、英国王室そして英国民に十二分に伝わったと思います。また今回の国葬には世界中から多くの国王、大統領と元首クラスが参列しましたけれども、両陛下はこうした多くの参列者と交流を深められたことにより、国際社会における日本の皇室の存在感をお示しになったものと考えています。今回、両陛下にご訪問いただいて、本当に良かったと率直に感じているところであります」

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Weblio辞書: 英和辞典・和英辞典https://ejje.weblio.jp/#google_vignette
英ナビ!辞書 – 英和辞典英ナビ!辞書は無料で使えるオンライン英語辞書。英和辞典から単語検索が可能
辞書の英訳|英辞郎 on the WEB英辞郎 on the WEB
goo辞書 英和辞典・和英辞典goo辞書
Cambridge Dictionary https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ja/
Cambridge Essential イギリス英語辞典https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ja/dictionary/essential-british-english/
JST科学技術用語日英対訳辞書での「身体障害者福祉」の英訳:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::welfare for the physically handicapped
第四条 この法律において「障害者」とは、身体障害者福祉法第四条に規定する身体障害者、知的障害者福祉法にいう知的障害者のうち十八歳以上である者及び精神保健及び精神障害者福祉に関する法律第五条に規定する精神障害者(知的障害者福祉法にいう知的障害者を除く。以下「精神障害者」という。)のうち十八歳以上である者をいう。Article 4 (1) The term “persons with disabilities” as used in this Act means the persons with physical disabilities prescribed in Article 4 of Act for the welfare of Persons with Physical Disabilities, the persons aged 18 and over among persons with intellectual disabilities prescribed in Act for the welfare of persons with intellectual disabilities, and persons aged 18 and over among persons with mental disorders prescribed in Article 5 of Act for the Mental Health and Welfare of the Persons with Mental Disorders (except the persons with intellectual disabilities prescribed in Act for the welfare of persons with intellectual disabilitieshereinafter referred to as “persons with mental disorders “)
3 保健所長は、身体障害者福祉法 (昭和二十四年法律第二百八十三号)第十五条第四項 の規定により身体障害者手帳の交付を受けた児童(身体に障害のある十五歳未満の児童については、身体障害者手帳の交付を受けたその保護者とする。以下同じ。)につき、同法第十六条第二項第一号又は第二号に掲げる事由があると認めるときは、その旨を都道府県知事に報告しなければならない。(3) When a public health center‘s director finds that a child to whom a physically disabled certificate is issued pursuant to the provision of Article 15 paragraph (4) of the Physically Disabled Welfare Act (Act No. 283 of 1949) (or the guardian of a child to whom a physically disabled certificate is issued as aforesaidif he/she is a child with physical disabilities under 15 years of agethe same shall apply hereinafterfalls under any of the reasons listed in Article 16 paragraph (2) item (i) or (iithe same Actthe public health center‘s director shall notify the prefectural governor to that effect.

JSwelfare for lone mother family
welfare for the aged
welfare for the disabled
welfare for the elderly
welfare for the handicapped
Welfare for the Handicapped Section
welfare for the physically handicapped:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
welfare frontierwelfare function
welfare fund
welfare funds
welfare hospital
nursing home 老人ホーム
nursing-care cost 介護費用
nursing-care facility介護施設
nursing-care insurance system 介護保険制度
old age employees’ pension 老齢厚生年金
old-age security 老齢保障
care volunteer介護ボランティア
介護を必要とする必要者の要介護度等の要求内容を満たすボランティアを検索できるようにすることにある。 – 特許庁
To retrieve a volunteer who meets a demand of the care degreeetc.of a person who needs care
care management center 2 receives a provision of a volunteer information from a country, a local government, a hospital, well-fair work facilitiesan enterpriseetc.and a request from a person demanding care and accumulates the volunteer information including care in a management server of the care management center 
そして、ボランティアポイント(VP)を取得し、今後自分や家族の介護(ホームヘルプ)サービスに当該ボランティアポイント(VP)を利用することができる。The person obtains a volunteer point(VP) and can utilize the volunteer point(VPfor a care service of an own and a family after this. – 特許庁
また、育児、介護、自己啓発、リフレッシュ、ボランティアなど、人生における多様な経験も、職業人としての様々な問題意識を育て、仕事への意欲をかきたてていくことにつながり、そのことを企業も今まで以上に重視していく必要があるCompanies should pay more attention to the fact that various life experiences such as child-carenursing careself-developmentrefreshing holidays, and volunteering all help workers regain motivation for work and raise awareness of the issues that need to be tackled at the workplace. – 
生活支援サービスの充実に向けて、ボランティア等の生活支援の担い手の養成・発掘など地域資源の開発やそのネットワーク化等を行う「生活支援サービスコーディネーター」を新たに配置することとし、平成26年度から介護保険制度の地域支援事業に位置づけて取組を進める(平成26年度は、1,580保険者のうち1/5程度の市町村の実施を想定)With the aim of enhancing life support serviceswe will newly appoint “life support service coordinators ” who will be in charge of developing local resources including cultivation , scouting and networking of life support providers such as volunteersas part of the local support program under the long-term care insurance system from FY 2014 (In FY 2014it is expected that about 1/5 of municipalitiesfrom among 1,580 insurers, will implement this measure). – 厚生労働省
重症心身障害児(者)children(individuals)with SMID (severe motor and intellectual
医療ケアmedical care
人工呼吸mechanical ventilation
在宅医療home care
特に健康面・医療面へのケアが主体health care