BTS_2 “Kim Taehyung”_7

It seams that TaeHyung survived from his physical hardships occurred during his no-audience performance in Seoul. I was worried about the mental damage on him. He looked good at L.A. concerts and enjoyed his short trip to Hawaii. He started his new projects in Seoul after he did something that surprised people, releasing his half-naked private photos. It was his style, he could not survive without doing something strange, amused and surprised Armies. It is my joy seeing/watching a man growing and developing himself through uncertain but exiting challenges.

2021/12/21 Vogue

この記事の次の日、私は倒れた。この記事が最後だったことを病院で後悔した。でも、私がしたことだ。病院のベッドで、私の複雑な心を慰めたのも TaeHyungのsweet Voiceだった。そして、私の退院の前の日にBTSとしての「活動の一時休止」が発表された。(2022/6/21)